The Director of AICS Office XI “Human Resources” Annamaria Iotti on mission to AICS Hanoi, Vietnam

The Director of AICS Office XI “Human Resources” Annamaria Iotti and AICS Hanoi Team

Hanoi – The one-week mission of Ms. Annamaria Iotti, Director of AICS Office XI “Human Resources”, at AICS field office in Hanoi, Vietnam, ended this February 23rd. The visit aimed at familiarizing her with the activities managed by the Office and at getting acquainted with its local partners in view of her future temporary regency, scheduled to start on April 1st. The mandate of Ms. Tiziana Fusco, the current AICS Hanoi Head of Office, will end after two years on March 31st.

To encourage an effective change of ownership of the office, Ms. Iotti made the acquaintance of the Italian Ambassador in Hanoi, H.E. Marco Della Seta, and virtually met the Italian Ambassador in Manila, H.E. Marco Clemente, and the Italian Ambassador in Yangon, H.E. Nicolo Tassoni Estense. Furthermore, she had been introduced to the Director of International Relations of the Vietnamese Ministry of Planning, Pham Hoang Mai. Finally, she had the opportunity to participate in the Development Counsellors meeting hosted by the European Union Delegation in Vietnam and in several sectoral meetings with the Program Experts of the office’s initiatives.

“We hope that all the meetings and exchange opportunities had been useful and stimulating for the future role as regent of Ms. Iotti. As the end of my mandate approaches, I positively evaluate the work carried out and the results achieved by the regional AICS Office in Hanoi, considering the peculiarity of the region of intervention that pushes the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation to explore innovative cooperation strategies and tools” declared Ms. Fusco on the sidelines of the visit.

To date, AICS Hanoi focuses its action on the management of water resources, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), the fight against climate change, healthcare and sustainable rural development in Vietnam, the PhilippinesSmall Island States of the Pacific and at a regional level with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It also intervenes in humanitarian and peace-building activities in Myanmar and Bangladesh.

“The visit at AICS Hanoi office allowed me to delve deeper into our intervention strategies and ongoing initiatives in the regional area of competence of the Office, as well as in its organizational and management of the technical and administrative work. The meetings with some of the main institutional interlocutors revealed a particular appreciation for our Agency and its professionals. Therefore, it is crucial for the management of AICS Headquarters to get as close as possible to its field offices which are the “beating hearts” of the Italian Cooperation” concluded Ms. Iotti at the end of her mission.

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