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Welcome to the institutional website of the Hanoi Office of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, the Philippines, the Small Island States of the Pacific, and ASEAN are the primary recipients of our interventions in Southeast Asia.

My assignment in Vietnam, as Regent Head of the AICS Office in Hanoi, will be short-term (April-June 2024). However, the responsibility and honour I feel for leading Italian Cooperation's interventions in this Country and the region are not minor. I am deeply committed to making a lasting impact during my tenure.

In recent decades, Vietnam has implemented significant reforms that have allowed it to experience rapid and growing economic development. Within a leap of time, the Country has transitioned from one of the poorest economies in the world to a middle-income one. Although this progress has resulted in Vietnam's exclusion from the priority countries list for Italian Cooperation, we are satisfied to have contributed to this virtuous path, and we feel we can and are still eager to do a lot with and for the Vietnamese population.

International Development Cooperation is an integral and qualifying part of Italy's foreign policy. The principles of the United Nations Chart and the European Union Chart of Fundamental Rights inspire it. Its action is aligned with Article 11 of the Italian Constitution, which is to boost peace and justice. Italian Development Cooperation aims to promote solidarity and equality among people based on the principles of interdependence and partnership.

In the framework of ideals and actions that Italian Cooperation carries out in its intervention countries, AICS Hanoi works, ensuring its contribution to a better, more inclusive, and sustainable world.

Annamaria Iotti


Annamaria Iotti graduated in Statistical and Economic Sciences at the Alma Mater of Bologna. After a brief experience in the private sector, at 26, she landed in the world of public administration. In the municipality of Monza, in the province of Milan, she built her professional career by covering various roles, such as IT systems analyst, Head of the Statistics Office, and subsequently, the Organization and Personnel Sector until she became Manager of the Organization, Human Resources Sector, Demographic Services, Information Systems Department. At the same time, the professional operational path is accompanied by the academic one, obtaining a II level Master's degree in Management and Innovation of Public Administrations at the Catholic University of Sacro Cuore of Milan and a university specialization diploma in "Organizational designs, management and development of human resources and performance in local authorities", at the University of Bergamo.

In 2021, she moved to Rome as the Manager of Office XI, "Human Resources," at the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation-AICS.

With AICS, she had the opportunity to visit several AICS field offices, including Havana, Khartoum, Beirut, Dakar and now Hanoi. For Ms Annamaria Iotti, the institutional missions were opportunities to demonstrate the Agency's commitment to the field and its results, to observe its functioning from an administrative/managerial point of view and address its critical issues, and last but not least, to meet the staff, whose strong dedication to the world of development cooperation remains the common denominator.

Ms. Annamaria Iotti

Ms. Annamaria Iotti, Aics Staff and counterparts at Nui Baden (Tay Ninh Province)

Ms Annamaria Iotti visiting the Tay Ninh Aics project.