Suppliers register

AICS Hanoi is conducting a market survey in order to create an open list of potential Companies, Contractors, Vendors, Firms etc. for the supply/provision of equipment and materials, services, general maintenance and auxiliary support services at its Offices, under certain standards of decorum, safety, confidentiality and expertise.

The purpose of establishing the above-mentioned open list is to facilitate the submission of proposal and quotations upon explicit request of AICS Hanoi. The list resulting from this public notice and from further market surveys, conducted by AICSH, may be used for office supplies and services, as per applicable Italian Laws and Regulations. However, the inclusion on the list entails no obligation for AICS Hanoi unless a specific contract is signed.

Interested suppliers/providers, willing to deliver its services/goods/works to AICS Hanoi, are invited to submit a REGISTRATION FORM and its annexes: annex 1 – Legal entity, annex 2 – financial form in order to be considered and included in the Suppliers register/Albo dei fornitori open list.

Documents shall be submitted in English language or accompanied by an official translation.

Only duly filled and signed REGISTRATION FORMS and annexes will be accepted. In particular, please mention specifically which kind of Service/Work/Supply shall be provided by your company/firm. If applicable, you are allowed to attach supporting documents such us flyers, link to website and other informative materials which can clarify which kind of Service/Work/Supply could be provided.

There is no deadline for the submission of the company profile.

All FORMS and related information can be found here:

  • Annex 1 – Legal entity
  • Annex2 – Financial Form

Kindly use the Forms referred above in order to complete your REGISTRATION FORM, duly signed and stamped, to be sent to the following email address: XXX

By submitting a valid REGISTRATION FORM you authorize the use of personal data in accordance with the GDPR n. 679/16 – “European regulation on the protection of personal data”.