Inauguration of the photographic exhibition “SEEDS OF HOPE. Voices and faces from Myanmar” realized by CESVI within the S.A.F.E.C.R.O.P.S. funded by AICS

The exhibition hosting the shots taken by the photographer Gianfranco Ferraro in the Dry Zone of Myanmar was inaugurated in Bergamo on Saturday 1 April 2023; the area is strongly affected by the consequences of climate change where AICS has promoted various initiatives to support the local population; the most recent one is the S.A.F.E.C.R.O.P.S. project, created by the Italian NGO CESVI  in ​​collaboration with the local NGO NAG and the Microfinance and Development Onlus Association. The exhibition will be open to visitors until May 1st 2023.

The project aims to support the population in the fight against the effects of climate change in the agricultural sector through the promotion of innovative practices for sustainable agriculture, the dissemination of seeds suitable for the place and profitable and access to credit also for small producers in the sesame, peanuts, and bean supply chains.

Promoting sustainable rural development and community resilience in Myanmar is strategic, as the Country is considered by the Global Climate Risk Index 2021 to be second in the world for vulnerability to extreme weather events and natural disasters linked to climate change, which exacerbate the humanitarian crisis affecting, to date, 17.6 million people according to the United Nations.

The website includes in addition to the photographs, interviews with the beneficiaries of the project, who share their experiences and opportunities created for their families and villages through the project.


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