La Cooperazione Italiana Informa – Ấn phẩm tháng 10 năm 2017

Trong ấn phẩm tháng 10 của “La Cooperazione Italiana Informa”, có hai bài viết về hợp tác phát triển giữa Việt Nam và Italia: “Vietnam, verso un Centro di formazione per il restauro” (trang 20), và “Việt Nam, più formazione puntando sulla qualità” (trang 37). Dưới đây là bản tóm tắt của hai bài báo bằng tiếng Anh.

Vietnam, toward a Training Center for Restoration

In Vietnam, the cooperation between the two Countries in the field of conservation and valorisation of the cultural and artistic heritage has deep roots and a twenty-year history. The first Italian approach was in 1997, when a tripartite agreement was signed between the Lerici Foundation of Politecnico di Milano, UNESCO, and the Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture and Information, setting the goal of reviving archaeological research and excavations in the My Son site, Quang Nam Province in Central Vietnam, in order to register it as a World Heritage Site. The goal was achieved in 1999.

Photo: My Son Sanctuary (Duy Xuyen, Vietnam)

With twenty years of fruitful collaboration between the two Countries in artistic heritage, as well as Italian excellence globally recognized in this field, in November 2017 a new initiative will be inaugurated by the Italian Cooperation in Quang Nam, entitled “Centre of professional training for restoration and the preservation of cultural heritage”, implemented by the Politecnico di Milano. In line with this goal, a training centre for managers and specialized archaeological workers will be established, as well as a laboratory for restoration. In collaboration with the Quang Nam Vocational School, over 120 individuals will be trained, including fresh graduates, young workers and teachers in this field.

Vietnam, more training focusing on quality

Vietnam presents the largest percentage of workers considered “low skilled” among the ASEAN Countries. The Italian development cooperation is currently committed to financing two initiatives aimed to improve vocational training.

The first project to highlight is the initiative “Increasing youth employment through the improvement of the links between school and business in Bac Ninh”. With the presences of many national and international industries (such as: Samsung, Nokia, Ariston, etc.), Bac Ninh is in need of a high quality workforce. However, the workforce now is mainly recruited from other provinces or even foreign countries.  To face with such issues,  the initiative is configured as an intervention of the institutional support, such as: revision of the school curricula; training for teachers; supervision of training courses; training for placement personnel. The implementation of this initiative is entrusted to ELIS Center Association, which has fifty-year experience in the field of vocational training both in Italy and abroad.