Project on a decision support platform for the Red – Thai Binh river management

Under fomulation
Geographical Area Vietnam: Lai Chau, Ban Chat, Huoi Quang, Son La, Hoa Binh, Thac Bac, Tuyen Quang
Sector Environment

Total: €3,520,000

€3,000,000 Italy’s soft loan +

€400,000 Italy’s grant for TA +
€120,000 Vietnam’s local fund

Planned Conclusion 2020

Project aim

Enhancing the monitoring capacity of water resources in the 5 reservoirs of the Red - Thai Binh river baisin by strengthening the monitoring network, which will improve the hydrometeorological forecast, and developing a decision support system to convert the outputs of the monitoring and forecasting system into management guidelines. The Technical Assistance component will include technological and knowledge transfer to MONRE (Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment), responsible for managing the monitoring and forecasting system and for defining management policies.

In detail, the planned activities will include:

1. Upgrade of existing stations and installation of new monitoring sensors

2. Development of a distributed hydrometeorological and salinity forecasting model and a management model that provide information on the outflow and downstream salinity, aimed at improving the management of water distribution and planning the downstream distribution for agricultural use also in function of water salinity, to prevent crop damaging and to optimize the definition of short and long-term management guidelines.

3. Providing specialized technical assistance to MONRE for long-term management of the monitoring network and decision-support information systems.


Executing agency

Department of Water Resources Management, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

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