Integrated and sustainable water management of Red – Thai Binh river system in a changing climate


Geographical Area

Vietnam: Red-Thai Binh river basin




Total: €1,592,250

€1,114,575 Italy’s grant +
€309,002 POLIMI +
€168,673 IWRP

Planned conclusion


About the project

Project aim: minimising economic losses (in agriculture and hydropower sectors), decreasing the risk of flooding, and enhancing environmental quality in the multi-purpose multi-reservoir Red-Thai Binh river basin system.

Main activities:

  • assessment of the current conditions of management of the multi-purpose multi-reservoir Red-Thai Binh river basin system;
  • designing of optimal operating rules for the multi-purpose multi-reservoir system for domestic, industrial, agricultural water supply, navigation, power generation, flood control, and environment conservation of the Red river delta in a changing climate.


Executing agency

Politecnico di Milano University (POLIMI)

Institute of Water Resources Planning (IWRP)                                                                                                                   


Other partner

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