Improvement of National Statistic System

On going


Project aim:

Providing assistance to the adoption of international standards, rules and classifications for the production and dissemination of high-quality statistics, as well as the improvement of the cooperation between national organizations to enhance the understanding and implementation of statistical methodologies and best practices. Specific components of the Project were identified as follows: Institutional building, Energy, Environment and climate change, Dissemination and communication, ICT.

In detail, the expected results are:

  1. Enhancement of Institutional building of GSO
  2. Improvement of the performances of the Department for the industrial statistics with the aim to increase its capacity to produce quality data on Energy
  3. Strengthening the capacity of the Department for Socio-Environmental Statistics to produce environmental statistics
  4. Strengthening the GSO’S capability to disseminate statistics also through the use of the most modern IT tools
  5. Improvement of the services provided by the ICT Department both to the GSO’S internal structure and to external users.


Executing agency:

Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT)
General Statistics Office of Vietnam (GSO