Binh Thuan water sector project

On going
Geographical Area Vietnam: Binh Thuan
Sector Water & Sanitation

Total: €17,760,000

€15,000,000 Italy’s soft loan +

€60,000 Italy’s grant +
€2,700,000 Vietnam’s local fund

Planned Conclusion 2019

Project aim

Alleviating drought conditions, particularly during dry seasons, in Ham Thuan Bac and Bac Binh districts of Binh Thuan Province and preventing desertification in the province.

Main activities:

  • rehabilitation of a drinkable water supply system to meet demands for 135,000 people in Ham Thuan Bac district. This includes a water treatment plant (10,000 m3/day) and a pipe network of about 200 km;
  • construction of a water reservoir (Ca Tot reservoir) in Bac Binh district with capacity of 14.8 million m3 and a main irrigation canal of about 7.8 km to irrigate 1.500 ha of cultivated land of ethnic minority people.

Executing agency

Binh Thuan Water Sector Project Management Unit, Binh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee

Other Partners:

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