Addressing migrant vulnerabilities to prevent human trafficking and protect victims, particularly children in targeted special economic zones and economic corridors in Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Vietnam

Geographical Area Vietnam: Quang Tri, Tay Ninh
Cambodia: Svay Rieng
Lao PDR: Savannakhet
Sector Human Rights

€600,000 (Italy’s grant)

Planned Conclusion 2017

Project aim

Preventing human trafficking, especially of minors, in vulnerable migrant source communities along the borders of the target countries; enhancing protection of vulnerable migrants, especially victims of trafficking.

Main activities:

  • Empowerment of source communities to develop prevention interventions;
  • Awareness-raising among vulnerable migrants;
  • provision of assistance to vulnerable migrants in need, particularly children;
  • Facilitation of bilateral dialogues between target countries;
  • Capacity building of authorities to protect victims, especially children.


Executing agency

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Other Partners:

Degree of implementation